Review – Milan, Birmingham.


Milan Sweet Centre, in Birmingham UK, positions itself in the middle/end of Soho Road. To be completely honest, I have no idea where Soho Road begins/ends, I’m not from Birmingham (Ima London gurl, init bruv). Forget where it is – there’s Google Maps for that. Let me come down to my experience.

My friend and I didn’t plan to eat here, it was somewhat of a happy coincidence. For some reason, she was vegetarian on that particular day and the only vegetarian place we could find was Milan. From the outside, it doesn’t look like anything fancy. It seemed like a normal shop, selling Indian sweets, street food and casual meals. I say casual because most people in India eat dosas and idlis for breakfast! I instantly saw what I had been craving for in the menu – Pau Bhaji. It’s almost like an Indianย ratatouille – made with potatoes, pulses, beans and various spices. It’s served with Pau (buttered burger buns to me and you).ย One of my best friend’s Mum makes amazing Pau Bhaji, so I was expecting nothing short of that.

I can’t speak on behalf of my friend, however. She could eat a unicorn and say it was the best meal on Earth. But my Pau Bhaji. Oh. Sweet. Mother. Of. Neptune. It was delicious! Perfect amount of food – diced red onions just added that extra mmm. Followed with my Mango Lassi (which I do not usually drink)…A-star!

A humble restaurant, with friendly staff and incredible food at a purse-friendly price! Would I go there again? Not even a question!

Have you been to Milan? What did you think of the food? Comment below with your own reviews!

Until the next time…have an awesomesauce day!