Fusion food. Never complain.


Lemon rice and salmon sambal. What? Lemon rice is literally that, with dried red chillies and spices. It’s a rice dish from South India. Salmon sambal is not typically made in Malaysia (where the dish is from); you find chicken and shrimp usually. Salmon sambal is a family recipe, made with tomatoes, onions and a particular type of red chilli, and I adore it! No one ever mixes the two together…except me. Student life – students never complain! And why would I complain when I have this deliciousness in front of me?


Kind of poor student days – one pot meal!


I’m in the middle of writing my dissertation, but I still want good food in my tummy. Simple flavours always work for me when I’m stressed, so here’s my take on simple: couscous with chorizo, tomatoes, paprika, spring onions and lemon. Dinner done!