Get the flavour balance right and you may see a glimpse of food heaven!


I had a lamb steak in the freezer, but I didn’t want to grill it because it was so small! So instead, I thinly sliced it and made a lamb shawarma with couscous.

Aesthetically, it wasn’t the most beautiful meal I had ever made but that first mouthful. My flatmates were asking me why my eyes lit up. The flavours were so well balanced, I was patting myself on the back.

I don’t want to blow my own trumpet, but seriously, if you want to try this, I’ll give you the recipe! I have one more lamb steak in the freezer, woop woop!


Kind of poor student days – one pot meal!


I’m in the middle of writing my dissertation, but I still want good food in my tummy. Simple flavours always work for me when I’m stressed, so here’s my take on simple: couscous with chorizo, tomatoes, paprika, spring onions and lemon. Dinner done!