Discovering annatto/achiote


This is achiote (annatto) cod with a mango salsa thing. My cousin told me about achiote. I’d never heard of it before, but she said I should try and find it in London. I was searching for months for it and finally found it at Borough Market! Anyway, I wanted to use it, but I didn’t know how to. I haven’t even searched online about the spice, I want it to remain a mystery to me, so I can get my creative brain thinking. I sat down for ten minutes just smelling the spice, so I could figure out how to marry it with other flavours. This was a success! I wanted the mango to remain fresh and not overcomplicated, so I added lime juice, chilli, salt and pepper to it.

Now, what else shall I create with achiote?


It’s like tofu, except I hate tofu, so it’s better – Chilli paneer


The first time I attempted to make chilli paneer, I made it WAY too spicy. It was inedible and I remember being so upset. Now, I can make it with my eyes closed, and what I thought was a failure, is actually a funny memory. Oh, chilli paneer…the joy you bring to my life.

Recipe: Chicken Lollipops…how unfortunately named.

*pop* Hello! I finally have a recipe to share with you that I think you’ll like. But it has a weird name…or maybe it’s just me? I think Chicken Lollipops just sounds weird, but it tastes good and that’s all that matters. Personally, if it were up to me, I would have called it Bobble Chicken. Hmm, maybe not.

I’ve tried this recipe twice and it turned out bombsauce on both occasions, so you have to love it. You’ll make me cry, otherwise. Also, I took pictures step-by-step, so you can see exactly what I did and how it turned out at the end. You know, eat with your eyes and whatnot. Oh, before I begin, I’d like to thank my sister and brother-in-law for allowing me to use them as guinea pigs. Muahahaha…ha.

Okay, so here we start. Like my Chicken Hyderabadi Biriyani recipe, I’m going to talk through all the steps required to make this awesomeness. You’ll find out what ingredients are used along the way.

So in this metal bowl thing I have about 11 chicken wings. I recently learnt that this isn’t actually the wing, but it’s the niblet. But here in the UK, everyone calls it the wing. However, some butchers do call it niblets, so double-check. This recipe can accommodate 8-12 wings. Make sure before you start, you wash the chicken with salt. Salt?! Yes, salt. It’s meant to be good and, to be honest, I don’t really know the reason behind it. My family does it, so I do as well. I’m aware of this debate about washing chicken. On the pro side, people say that it’s good to get rid of any unwanted residues that may be on the chicken itself, however people also say washing chicken can cause cross-contamination (bacteria gets around your sink, etc). In my opinion, if you have good kitchen hygiene, there is no reason to not wash chicken. But, if you really don’t like it, you don’t have to. (Yes you do, do it).

The concept of the Chicken “Lollipop” just lies in the way you cut it. The aim is to cut around the thinner end of the wing/niblet, like I have done so below. Make sure you have a sharp knife.



Once you have cut around the thinner end of the wing/niblet, stand it up so the cut end is at the top. If you try to make it stand up without holding it, you’re a genius. Push the chicken (not the bone…) down towards the fatter end. What you should end up with is something that literally looks like a lollipop, hence its unfortunate name.



Continue these steps until you have done it to all of your chicken wings/niblets. Now it’s the fun part! (…I live a sad life). Add the following ingredients:

Turmeric – 1/3 of a teaspoon.

Salt – depending on your taste. I have used 1/2 a teaspoon since I washed the chicken with salt already.

Coarse black pepper – a level teaspoonful. If you don’t have coarse black pepper, you can use powdered black pepper. I’d only add 1/2 a teaspoon in this case. I wouldn’t suggest adding white pepper powder.

Cornflour – 1 and a half tablespoonful.

All-purpose flour – 1 level tablespoonful.

Red chilli powder – 1 teaspoonful. You can substitute this with paprika powder, using the same amount. If you’re using Kashmiri chilli powder, use more! Add less if you’re scared.

Ginger and Garlic paste – 1 and a half heaped teaspoonful!

Dark soy sauce – 1 tablespoonful. You can choose to use either light or dark. Dark soy sauce is less saltier than light soy sauce, however it has more of that umami flavour. Also, it’s used to deepen the colour of foods. If you don’t have dark soy sauce, use light. I have heard of all-purpose soy sauce; I’ve never used it myself but I don’t think it’s going to be harmful to this dish. If it is, let me know. I’ll send you an oops card.

Coriander powder – 1 level tablespoonful. This cannot be substituted. No, no exceptions. Coriander powder makes this dish what it is. It’s like taking Jesus out of Christmas. You do remember what Christmas is about, right…?

Cumin powder – 1 teaspoonful.

Egg – 1 medium-sized.

Optional: Sri Lankan curry powder – 1 teaspoon. You can find this at most Sri Lankan/Indian shops. However, I know it’s not widely available and there are certain brands I think are legit and some which are not, so don’t worry if you can’t find this. I tried this recipe with and without Sri Lankan curry powder and it turned out delicious both times. Trust me on this one.


Once you have all these ingredients in the bowl, mix it nicely. Make sure the chicken is coated well. If your mixture is too dry, add some water. If it’s too wet, don’t worry, it should be OK. If you’re not convinced, add a bit more all-purpose flour.The two pictures below are of the same batch of marinated chicken lollipops – they’re taken in two different lights –Β in case you freak out because yours doesn’t look the same as mine. Ninja, the unfreaking-out…er. *sigh* don’t judge me.



Next, wrap it in cling film and leave it in the fridge for a minimum of 20 minutes. Overnight would be ideal. Once it has marinated, fry it in small batches until it is golden brown, with a tinge of red.


In the picture below, I’ve fried some green chillies, shallots and curry leaves to adorn the dish. You know, make it look nice and stuff. Like chicken makeup.


There you have it! Chicken Lollipops. If you have a better name for it, let me know!

If you would like to find out more about some of the spices used in this recipe, check out my previous post. Also, if you have any feedback or anything you’d like me to post, send an email to and I will definitely get back to you.

Hope you enjoy! *pop*