I’m vegetarian for another few months. Uh oh…


I recently turned vegetarian. I know, I know, I feel your sympathies, but do not fear! It’s only for a few months. Why you ask? Let me explain.

My Mother brought us up to follow a Hindu custom; be vegetarian for two days in the week (Tuesdays and Fridays) to detox your body from all the meat that you consume. That didn’t work with me. I am a 100% happy carnivore. Or was shall I say? I read in Steve Jones’ book, In The Blood: God, Genes and Destiny, that blood group was once thought to hold personality traits, in Ancient Japan. I’m an O+, which apparently goes well with large amounts of protein. Who would have guessed? But that all changed.

I have a few issues with religion in itself – don’t get me wrong, I believe in God completely. I just get frustrated when people can’t justify “religious” things that they do. I have asked many Hindus if they know the reason behind their vegetarianism on certain days; 99% do not know. They just do it because their parents told them to. As a result from my understanding and perception of religion, I only become vegetarian when I want to. Not because it’s Tuesday or Friday or whatever other day. Because I feel the need to detox my body, to cleanse it from the “negative karma”, if you will, and be that one step closer to Godliness. But only when my heart (or soul, who knows!) wants, and feels, it is time to. And that’s exactly what’s happening now. I was vegetarian for a month back in August – and that went well…except for my intense craving for Nandos after about a week! However, when I decided to become vegetarian this time around, it felt a lot more different. I didn’t have that aching crave for hot wings, Nandos or my Mum’s mutton curry. I felt lighter, happier and so much more emotionally and physically better. My skin was looking good, I lost quite a bit of weight. It was amazing. Until I saw my Mum make her mutton curry again. It all went down the pan from there.

I don’t know what came over me. I had all these visions of me eating just the curry, and not the actual mutton. It. Was. Crazy. That’s when I realised the real reason behind this vegetarianism. Self-control. I always thought I had enormous amounts of self-control, but evidently I do not. So this is my challenge now, it’s taken a whole different spin. Forget cleansing my body and mind. It’s Mind Vs Body! My body will crave, stomach will rumble – but it’s up to my mind to not give in.

There is another upside to this. I’ve eaten different varieties of food, which I wouldn’t normally eat. I’ve grown to like broccoli (five-year old me is crying right now), and I even enjoy eating kidney beans – only if they’re mixed with something else. But still, baby steps forward.

If I do cave in, don’t worry, you’ll hear about it. Probably followed up by a rant about how vegetarianism is horrible etc. It really isn’t. It’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be. And I’m not going to pretend, I still get huge cravings…but the mind is winning so far.

How will it end? Only time will tell.

Have you got any vegetarian recipes I could try? Comment below, and I’ll give them a go! (ooh that rhymed!)

Until next time, have an awesomesauce day!


Review – Rhythm, London. (more like lack of).


They say music is food for the soul. But, it’s not the same for our bodies; it actually needs food…this is where Rhythm have got it all wrong.

After shopping at Westfield, London (Stratford), my boyfriend and I were starved. We both share an incredible passion for most things Jamaican, so you could imagine our delight when we spotted Rhythm – serving up Caribbean food at its best. Apparently.

I already knew what I wanted to order – Jerk Chicken. I didn’t have a single ounce of doubt that this restaurant wouldn’t have Jerk Chicken; most Caribbean restaurants do. I also ordered Jerk Chips, Mango Salsa and Homemade Fruit Punch. My boyfriend ordered the Jerk Chicken Burger with Tropical Pasta Salad, Jerk Chips and Grape Soda.

Whilst waiting for our food, I noticed bottles of Jerk sauce on the counter. I must say, the lady who served me was very knowledgeable of the restaurant and answered most of my questions; one of which was about the sauces. She told me that 3p from each bottle bought goes towards Tickled Pink; a breast cancer charity. I was impressed and had a compulsion to buy it, but I wanted to taste the food first before I did so. Thank God for second thoughts.

The food served was nothing like what I expected. Seeing is believing, as they say, but I took my first bite with an open mind. It was exactly what I thought. Plain gravy. It tasted (and looked) as if someone had taken some chicken, scored grill marks across it and poured flavourless gravy on top. Disappointed doesn’t even come close to it. I couldn’t taste any scotch bonnet (essential for 9/10 jerk recipes)! And don’t even get me started on the sides and drink. As if the Jerk Chicken wasn’t worse enough, my Jerk Chips was nothing but normal chips with chaat masala dusted on top and the Mango Salsa was mushy. The mangoes looked and tasted like they had just come out of a tin that had been sitting on the shelf for most of my life…and it was the Mango Salsa that tasted the best out of the three! The drink. Oh, the drink. When I ordered the drink, I thought it would take me to a hammock on the beaches of Jamaica. No. It took me to Debenhams’ perfume section. It was SO perfumed! I drank a sip, and that was it. My whole mouth was perfumed a horrible fruit salad. My boyfriend was just as disappointed; his Jerk Chicken Burger was just plain scored chicken in a standard burger fashion and his Tropical Pasta Salad was more like Pasta from the Arctic. Too cold to even consume. His drink? It was a can with a huge dent in it.

Overall, I was extremely unhappy with the food – we definitely didn’t feel the rhythm. Barely a beat.

Have you been to Rhythm? What did you think of the food?

Until next time…have an awesomesauce day!

Student’s Cheat: Brownie-in-a-mug



It’s always a sad time for a student, when the loan doesn’t come through and you find yourself eating tinned food. I do have to admit, this isn’t my own recipe, but it’s definitely worth sharing! No more blue student days.


1/4 cup sugar

1/4 cup flour

2 tbsps cocoa

Pinch of salt

3 tbsps of 100% Natural Spring Water (I used normal bottled water…student, remember?)

2 tbsps olive oil

Ice-cream (optional)


Add all the dry ingredients (i.e. flour, sugar, salt and cocoa) into a mug. Add in the olive oil and water, and mix until the ingredients are well combined. Put it in the microwave and cook for 1 minute and 40 seconds…and voila! Add ice-cream, if you would like, and enjoy your warm, quick brownie!

Have you tried this recipe? Let us know what you made of it, or how you changed it around to make it your own!

Until next time…have an awesomesauce day!

Review – Milan, Birmingham.


Milan Sweet Centre, in Birmingham UK, positions itself in the middle/end of Soho Road. To be completely honest, I have no idea where Soho Road begins/ends, I’m not from Birmingham (Ima London gurl, init bruv). Forget where it is – there’s Google Maps for that. Let me come down to my experience.

My friend and I didn’t plan to eat here, it was somewhat of a happy coincidence. For some reason, she was vegetarian on that particular day and the only vegetarian place we could find was Milan. From the outside, it doesn’t look like anything fancy. It seemed like a normal shop, selling Indian sweets, street food and casual meals. I say casual because most people in India eat dosas and idlis for breakfast! I instantly saw what I had been craving for in the menu – Pau Bhaji. It’s almost like an Indian ratatouille – made with potatoes, pulses, beans and various spices. It’s served with Pau (buttered burger buns to me and you). One of my best friend’s Mum makes amazing Pau Bhaji, so I was expecting nothing short of that.

I can’t speak on behalf of my friend, however. She could eat a unicorn and say it was the best meal on Earth. But my Pau Bhaji. Oh. Sweet. Mother. Of. Neptune. It was delicious! Perfect amount of food – diced red onions just added that extra mmm. Followed with my Mango Lassi (which I do not usually drink)…A-star!

A humble restaurant, with friendly staff and incredible food at a purse-friendly price! Would I go there again? Not even a question!

Have you been to Milan? What did you think of the food? Comment below with your own reviews!

Until the next time…have an awesomesauce day!

Here it begins…



Welcome to my page! I’m Ninja – of course not my real name, but rather a play on it. The genius behind it was my Dad; he often called me Ninja Turtle *insert Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle theme tune*.

My extreme love of food and all of life’s quirks has driven me to start my own blog. My life isn’t anything extraordinary, but I come across the most fascinating people/situations. I can’t keep it all to myself! Also, being a keen foodie, I will also post recipes, cooking tips and tricks, as well as my own reviews on places I have been to eat!

N.B. I am not an official food critic. Everything I post on this blog is purely my own opinion and it will not be influenced in any way. My opinions should not be considered as a form of personal/commercial attack. 

I hope you enjoy reading my posts, and feel free to comment on anything!